Enjoying the Adventure

A worried Gus at Convict lake in the eastern High Sierra.  He couldn't swim.

Hear David Willson and Steve Bernston discuss this picture
Good Natured Gus - 151KB - WAV format
from the Viet Nam War Writers' Symposium

     In the four years I knew Gus, he always seemed optimistic.  I think his friends did the worrying about him that he didn't seem to do himself.  How could you not be worried about a guy who could spend $500 on microwaveablemeals to take to Greece, but had a car he couldn't drive after dark because the headlights drained the battery?  Or a guy who could come downtown to meet his friends with $1,000 in his pockets, and two hours later have to borrow money for dinner?
    We worried about his diet, his finances, his naivete about the practical side of life.  We worried while Gus was busy enjoying the adventure.
    Gus was a lunatic you couldn't get mad at.  Or at least couldn't STAY mad at.  He never did anything so annoying that you couldn't laugh at it later.
    Except maybe dying.

 --Laura Dominick
from her tribute to Gus


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