Us Brothers

Gus (right) in Da Nang, 1968, with fellow combat correspondent Robert Michael Bayer.
Photo taken from L.A. Times Magazine, 1987

Hear David Willson and Earl Gerheim discuss the above photo
Bob and Gus - 1MB - WAV format
from the Viet Nam War Writers' Symposium

 Gus and Bob Bayer with a nameless kid at a Snuffie reunion in Reno, 1986.

Hear Earl Gerheim and Steve Bernston discuss the above photo
Bob and Gus 2 - 477KB - WAV format
from the Viet Nam War Writers' Symposium

     We walk along with the little Marine.
    "I'm Joker, sir.  Corporal Joker.  This is Rafter Man.  We work for Stars and Stripes."
    "My name is Bayer.  Robert M. Bayer the third.  My people call me Shortround, for obvious reasons."

--The Short-Timers

     During the past week the Phantom Blooper has wasted... Funny Gunny Bob Bayer...

--The Phantom Blooper

    We liked this treatment.  We could not believe our incredible good fortune.  In gratifying abundance, God was raining down the bennies on the good ol' boys in Recon.
    We were standing in front of an abandoned building, Bob Bayer's Plumbing & Hardware...

    Two detectives take me into a dirty little room and yell at me and read me my rights.
    The bad cop is Michael Bayer.  He's irritatingly feisty and is wearing a sports jacket that looks like it was cut from a low rider's seat covers by blind midget tailors...
    Detective Bayer says, "You've got the right to remain silent, punk, so shut the fuck up."  Detective Bayer says to Sergeant Hunt, "No wonder he quit the force.  He's got an attitude.  His mind ain't right.  He needs a little taste of resisting arrest to get his mind right."

--A Gypsy Good Time

Bob and Gus together again,
Winston Memorial Cemetery, August 2001.


    Bayer tapped his toe against a Marine-issue footlocker stenciled with Hasford's initials.  "It was fun being Gus' friend," he said, shaking his head reflectively.  "It wasn't always easy, but it was always fun."

--The Killing of Gus Hasford, LA Weekly, June 1993


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