Gustav Hasford Bibliography

Stamp Collecting
When he was 14 years-old Gus sold his first article, about stamp collecting, to Boys Life magazine for $5.

Stories by Cpl. Hasford 1967-68
As a combat correspondent for the First Marine Division ISO, Gus's wrote stories that ended up in Sea Tiger, Leatherneck Magazine and Pacific Stars and Stripes.

"Is That You, John Wayne?  Is This Me?" Mirror Northwest, 1972
"Twilight"  Mirror Northwest, 1972
As a student at Lower Columbia College, Gus had two short stories published in the literary magazine of Washingston State community college students.

"Bedtime Story"  Winning Hearts and Minds, 1972
The first published collection of poetry by Vietnam veterans included a poem by Gus.

"Black Roses"  Eternity, February 1975

"Heartland"  Orbit 16, 1975
"Heartland" was a surreal short story published in the science fiction anthology edited by Damon Knight.

"The Disneyland Man"  Other Times, November 1975

The George Gordon Stories
In the mid-70s Gus wrote several stories and articles for various pornographic magazines under the pseudonym "George Gordon."

"An Admirer of Acne"  Juice II, 1976

"The Man Who Ate Greek Coins"  New Venture #4, Summer 1976
"A Periodic Table of the Elements"  New Venture #4, Summer 1976

"Cezanne, Dying in the Rain"  Weirdbook #11, March 1977

"Voodoo Dancer"  oui, 1979
This short story, inspired by travels to Africa, was published in an adult magazine.

The Short-Timers  January 1979
First printing of Gus's first novel, in hardcover, from Harper & Row.

"Still Gagging on the Bitterness of Vietnam"  LA Times, 1980
On the anniversary of the last withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, Gus contributed an editorial to the LA Times.

excerpt from The Short-Timers Yesterday's Tomorrows, 1982
An excerpt of Gus's novel was included in this collection of Frederik Pohl's favorite stories from various pulps, anthologies, and paperbacks.

"Bedtime Story" Carrying the Darkness, 1985
Gus's poem was reprinted in this edition of Vietnam poetry, edited by W.D. Ehrhart.

"Veterans fight for audiences' hearts, minds"  The West Australian, March 14, 1987
Upon the release of Oliver Stone's Platoon, Gus was asked to comment on Vietnam films for an Australian newspaper.

"Vietnam Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry"  Penthouse, 1987
This editorial rant about America's mistreatment of Vietnam veterans and the popular fascination with Rambo was commissioned by Penthouse magazine.

Full Metal Jacket, The Screenplay  1987
The screenplay of the film, written by Gus, Stanley Kubrick and Michael Herr, was published by Alfred A. Knopf, illustrated with more than 140 full-color stills and with a foreward by Herr.

excerpt from The Phantom Blooper  Playboy, January 1990
An excerpt from the forthcoming novel was published in a Vietnam War-themed issue of Playboy.

The Phantom Blooper  1990
The first and only printing of this sequel to The Short-Timers came from Bantam.

A Gypsy Good Time  1992
Gus's third and final novel, what was supposed to be the first in a series of detective stories, was published by Washington Square Press.

"April 4, 1987" and "March 20, 1988"  Cold-Drill, 1996
This issue of the literary magazine published by Boise State University was devoted to Gus and included two letters he wrote to friend and fellow author Kent Anderson, as well as an excerpt from A Gypsy Good Time.
This very web site, which first came on-line toward the end of 1999, collects virtually all of the previously published material written by Gus as well as some unpublished letters.


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