This Weird Brotherhood

Gus and Bob Bayer, 1968.

With other 1st Marine Divison correspondents, west of Da Nang, 1968:
from left, Jeff "T.H.E." Ault, Bob Bayer, Gus, Roger Garrett, Eric "Rafterman" Grimm and Rick Lavers.


    "War is really the only time, I suppose, that you're actually a free person . . . And there's also a democracy, an equality about being in the war--everybody's the same.  In the field, it's like a bunch of heavily armed monks in this weird brotherhood."

--Interview with Gustav Hasford, Los Angeles Daily News, 1987

    After the song ends someone turns down the radio and someone says, "We need us a jarhead song.  The Green Beanies have got their own song, and they ain't shit.  What we need is a Marine song.  A song for grunts."
    BOOM.  "Fuck this incoming," someone says, then laughs.
    "Yeah.  Yeah.  That could be the title!"
    A chorus of "fucking As" and everybody laughs.

--The Phantom Blooper


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