The Cemetery

Winston Memorial Cemetery.

Right next to the cemetery, the drive-in theater that Jesus built.


    Home.  It hasn't changed.  It just isn't the same anymore.  It's not America anymore.  I'm not standing in the country I was born in and I am not the person I was born to be.  Drive-in movies don't show me pictures I care to see anymore.  Ice cream tastes like clay.  Breasts are coconuts with nipples of black rubber.  I can't remember:  When did I go there, and why?  And why did I come back?  And where am I now?  I don't know.  None of us really know.  The world we knew just ran away, it's gone.  And where are we?  We're alone.  That's where we are, bros, there it is, no slack, payback is a motherfucker, we are alone.  Meanwhile, all around us, like bloated white spiders, civilians cluster in their plastic shacks, polishing imaginary Cadillacs.

--from The Phantom Blooper


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