Plain Fucking Crazy?

Gus (center) and Dale Dye, wearing an NVA gas mask, at a 1990 snuffie reunion.

    Are we plain fucking crazy?  Did we, in some black jungle, lose our grip on the burned edge of reality?  Make no mistake, the civilians revel in painting us as crazy, at least in their own movies.  Or is it because Vietnam was the education we never got in school?  Do they hate us because Vietnam veterans are fierce witnesses to hard facts civilians lack the intestinal fortitude to confront, even second hand?  Truth is stranger than fiction, but is has never been as popular.  If we can be dismissed as Section Eights, we can be pitied and patronized, a civilian tactic to resist our expert testimony with a willful ignorance as hard as iron.

--from "Vietnam Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry"

Who will know now what I know about you
Now that history's a flowery cancerous mess
A mess
A mess
Nah, let's see it broken, bloody and undressed

--Rage Against the Machine
"Tire Me"


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