What Is Your Major Malfunction, Numbnuts?!
 R. Lee Ermey.  Photo taken without permission from his official web site.
    By mail, (Hasford) conducted a heated side feud with Kubrick over Lee Ermey, the film's drill instructor, whom Hasford labeled "a fucking pogue lifer" and a propagandist for the official Marine Corps pro-war line on Vietnam.
--from "The Killing of Gus Hasford", LA Weekly, June 1993
    I was watching a football game one Sunday and the phone rang; it was Mr. Kubrick.  He asked me if I had read Gustav Hasford's The ShortTimers, and I told him it was full of inaccuracies and a piece of shit as far as the boot-camp sequence goes, but interesting as hell and off the wall.
--Lee Ermey
Full Metal Jacket recollections, Premiere magazine, August 1999
    I say, "What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?  I am not going to argue with you.  I'd draw you a picture, but I don't have time.  Some people are like cheap television sets.  Some people need to be thumped on the side of the head until they get the picture.  Put the papers on your desk, immediately fucking now, or I am going to tie your tie into a knot with your neck still in it.  I'll pop your eyes out all over this room.  I will break your hands in this desk drawer until your hands are claws.  And then I'll pull out the desk drawer and I'll use it to pound the teeth out of your face.  Are we communicating?"
    Sergeant Sunshine says, choking, "Hey, champ, what's your problem?"
    Letting go of Sergeant Sunshine's tie, I say, "I don't have a problem.  It's just that my religion forbids me to take shit from anybody."
--from A Gypsy Good Time
 Hartman's sucking chest wound.
Photo courtesy of The Full Metal Jacket Site
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