Mine and Gus's maternal grandmother.
Photo from the Daily Mountain Eagle, 1987.
Original caption:  Verdie Noblett of Redmill thumbs through her grandson's war novel.

    "He was a pretty nice kid.  Of course, I knew way back he would be a writer.  He always loved to write.  I'm proud of Gus--he's made a wonderful man of himself," Mrs. Noblett said . . .
    Mrs. Noblett, who keeps an autographed copy of The Short-Timers in the kitchen of her modest, green frame home, said she didn't know Kubrick, but two of her nine daughters went to see the film and told her all about it.
    "I don't know how he ever got that movie together.  Of course there's a lot of words in there that aren't too nice.  But they understood they weren't going to a religious movie when they went.  They were going to a war movie."

--"Successful Author Has Jasper Links," the Daily Mountain Eagle, 1987
    Beyond the house, on the slope, Old Ma, wearing a faded blue sunbonnet, is working in her vegetable garden repairing a scarecrow made of gleaming aluminum pie pans and large clear-plastic Pepsi jugs . . .
    I say, "I've missed you, Old Ma.  Been doing any fishing?"
--from The Phantom Blooper
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