The Grave


    He began to gather up his gear to go.  "And put in that I'm not anything like Cpl. Joker.  I am not personally a Lusthog beast.
    "And, let's see, put in that I am zany and amorous.  Tell the women of the world that I am probably in love with them."

--"The Several Battles of Gustav Hasford," LA Times Magazine, 1987

    And may the saints' blessing and grace
    Carry me safely into your arms
    There across the border

    For what are we
    Without hope in our hearts
    That someday we'll drink from God's blessed waters

    And eat the fruit from the vine
    I know love and fortune will be mine
    Somewhere across the border

--Bruce Springsteen
"Across the Border"

    I give the fruit jar a swat with my Stetson and a hundred phosporescent dots of light explode up into the night sky, winking like muzzle flashes in a treeline, a hundred Alabama lightning bugs, alive and free, and glowing, like sparks from a fire.

--from The Phantom Blooper


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