Hooch 13

Over the last year, because of this web page, I've received countless emails from Gus fans.  I've made new friends.  I've learned a great deal about Gus and the things that were important to him.  But the most rewarding moment of all came in November 2000, over Veterans Day weekend, when I had the honor of attending the latest reunion of the First Marine Division ISO Snuffies.  Meeting those gentlemen really brought Gus's stories to life.  I can't thank them enough for making me feel so welcome.  As always, I owe special grattitude to Bob Bayer, founder and curator of the Gus Hasford Memorial Library in beautiful downtown Burbank.

--Jason E. Aaron

The El Dorado Hotel and Casino in downtown Reno, Nevada,
site of the 2000 Snuffies reunion.

NOV. 21, 2000


    The photos have been taken for the scrapbook, the blackjack tables, slot machines, and roulette wheels all returned to the native Reno folks as the 1st Mar Div ISO Snuffies folded up Hooch 13 on Sunday, November 12, and went back to the field.
    All told it was a good gathering of the brotherhood.  Snuffie attachments and Snuffie fans almost outnumbered the actual Snuffies but everyone had a grand time and no bail bonds were necessary nor did anyone pass out in the gravy.
    Those Snuffies making it in out of the field were Top George Wilson, Bob (Ding) Bayer, Earl (Craze) Gerheim, Bill Christofferson, Gordon Fowler, and your humble scribe, Bernie.  Reporting in from the field for the first time was Michael J. (M.J.) Coates--the first 1st Mar Div Photog to join back with us ISO'ers.  M.J. worked many ops in his 18-month tour, notably many with 1/1, 2/1, and 1/3 as well as the BLT.  Personally, I was delighted to see him again as the two of us shared many a C-rats and fox holes in the summer of 1967 with 2/1.
    Joining the Snuffies were our three old attachments, Al Kramer, Gil Reza, and David Cutaia and voted status as an official Snuffie Attachment was David Willson.  Al was with Stars and Stripes almost from the day the war started until he "retired" himself sometime after most of us had left the Nam.  Gil was with a Special Forces unit in the Hue area in 67-68 and works with Bob on the LA Times.  David was a scout with 1/5 as well as the guide and interpreter for Bill and Gordon's trip back to Vietnam last spring.  David Willson, from Maple Valley, WA, was in the Army in Nam as a clerk with the judge advocate's office and has written two books about his experiences.  He is responsible for building a large depository of Vietnam era authors and papers, including a special section on Gus, at the Green River Community College library.  Since he made sacrifices twice to join us (96 and now), we voted him attachment status.  Our special guest was Jason Aaron, cousin of Gus, and the young man who has put together a fantastic web page about Gus, his life and times, as well as information on us Snuffies.  All can be seen at www.gustavhasford.com.  Go there, is is most impressive.  Jason was a great listener and we hope he heard something of value in the many stories told over the couple of days concering our memories of Gus.
    That's a -30- for now.

    Love, Bernie

For three days, room 647 was transformed into Hooch 13.


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