The Joker

    (Hasford) rejected American Civ wholesale -- except for maybe Sizzlers and used-book stores.  Full of outrageous opinions, he loathed "the brass" in all forms, whether military or industrial.  At the moment he was flirting with anarchy, because it figured in his woman-president book, and I just laughed when he brought up the IRA as misunderstood heroes.  When he got too far out for me to follow, that was my response, and usually he'd laugh, too.

--Grover Lewis
"The Killing of Gus Hasford", LA Weekly, June 1993

     Like Joker, Hasford was a Marine working as a Stars and Stripes correspondent in Vietnam. At a recent interview, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and dirty sneakers, Hasford spoke with an invigorating combination of brilliance and coarse bluster. Asked if he is married, for instance, he asks, "No - you got a sister?"

--from Los Angeles Daily News, 1987

Grave of the first American KIA in Vietnam.
Photo taken by Gus, Livingston, TN.
In The Phantom Blooper, we learn that Private Joker's civilian identity is James Davis.

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