January 1979
To Bob Bayer
From Morro Bay, California

Dear Robert and Sophia:

Here's some stuff you might find amusing.  Crazy Earl's review is mighty astute.  But the interview is, true to the highest journalism traditions, filled with misquotes.

The questions I'm trying to find answers to are:

        1.  Were body bags canvas, plastic, or rubber?

        2.  Does a C-130 cargo door hit the ground?

        3.  Is it "blooker" or "blooper"?

        4.  Why was the Marine tour 13 months instead of 12?

        5.  How soon did people start keeping short-timer's calendars?

        6.  Was "the six" used in reference to platoon commanders?  Or was it used only for company

        7.  What were flipflop shower shoes called in bootcamp?

        8.  What were viewing slits in tanks called?  Do tank commanders view through periscopes?

        9.  What is the correct spelling and meaning of "moshe skose"?

       10.  What is the meaning of the universe?

If you want a belly-laugh you could pick up a copy of the Feb. 5th issue of the NEW YORKER magazine.  (You can get me a copy too, if you remember--I've got a xerox.)  There's a 2/3 page ad featuring me and some old guy.  There's a drawing of me which makes me look like a gorilla in heat.

We are still planning to come down on the weekend of the 17th.  We will probably stay with Bowgay, Charlene's pal.  But we can all play together Sat and Sun.  Bring Stew and Rafter.  And Steve-sans Jack.

Scott Bradfield, spy extraordinaire, informs me that the book is on display in the Westwood bookstore and in the Hunter's bookstore in Westwood.

The new NEW REPUBLIC is supposed to have a review which rips me several new anal openings.  I can't wait to see it.

Kisses & unnatural acts,

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