Vietnam War Information

The Vietnam War Internet Project
This site, which bills itself as "an educational organization dedicated to providing information and documents about the various Indochina Wars and to the collection and electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs of both those who served in and those who opposed those conflicts," is an incredible resource of information and links.

Vets With A Mission
This truly excellent page, put together by vets doing humanitarian projects in Vietnam, has photo galleries with over 200 photos, a memorabilia page, the personal profiles of veterans, and an extensive selection of articles on the Vietnam war.  Targeted mainly at students researching the war, but still a must-see site for anyone.

Vietnam War Generation Journal
A new journal, edited by David Willson and Bruce Solheim, dedicated to publishing the best fiction, essays, memoir, poetry, reviews and artwork related to the Vietnam War era.

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
Sandra M. Wittman's website, created primarily for students and teachers, is a comprehensive collection of annotated links and bibliographies.

The American Experience: Vietnam Online
This online companion to "Vietnam:  A Television History" has transcripts of the award-winning television series.

Sounds of Vietnam
Sponsored and maintained by veterans of the 4th Bn. 9th Infantry Vietnam, this wonderful page offers audio files from Armed Forces radio, Vietnamese radio, plus all sorts of sounds from the war.

Vietnam War-Records
This highly interactive site is a comprehensive collection of Vietnam records, pictures, documents, citations, orders, letters, research links, memorials, tributes, and newspaper clippings.

The Wars for Viet Nam
This site, developed around the course materials for Robert Brigham's senior seminar on the Viet Nam War at Vassar College, seeks to carefully examine the complicated interplay of events around U.S. involvement in the war.  Brigham was the first American scholar given access to the Vietnamese archives on the war in Hanoi. Included here are his translations of some of the Hanoi documents, offered for examination and study.

Statistics about the Vietnam War
Part of the Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network, this is a listing of basic statistics and facts to discount various popular myths about the war.  Recommended by The History Channel.

History of the Vietnam War 101
An on-line discussion forum on the history of the war in Vietnam.

Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy
An essay by Kristian Kahrs that studies the journalism in the early part of the Vietnam War, 1962-63.  Includes notes and a bibliography.

CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers
This is an award-winning in-depth study of the interplay of intelligence with policymaking on Vietnam, with three extensive essays highlighting distortions of intelligence, the CIA's influence on President Johnson, and the Tet Offensive.

TheHistoryNet - Where History Lives on the Web
The Vietnam War Photo Album
Vietnam Casualties During the Summer of Love
Library of Congress POW Database
A tour of Vietnam POW camps
Grover Furr's Vietnam War Page
The Sixties Project
The Vietnam War Photo Album
Vietnam War Pictorial
Age of Protest and Change
Homeopathy Online

Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Veterans Home Page
The American War Library
VetNet = Veterans Internet Gateway!
Vietnam Veterans Webring Homepage
Khe Sanh Veterans Homepage
Vietnam Veterans News & Information Service (VNIS)
The Virtual Wall
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Veterans of the Vietnam War (VVnW)
American Veterans Online (AMVETS)
Vietnam Veterans Project
Veterans Viet Nam Restoration Project
Children of Vietnam Veterans
The Vietnam Death Trip: Veteran's Award Winning Photo Journal
Looking Back -- Vietnam 1969-71
Visions of Vietnam
Military Memories Homepage
Dale's Vietnam Gallery
Musings From an ex-Grunt

Vietnam Writings

Tim O'Brien's Home Page
Vietnam Veterans' War Stories
DEROS: A Year In Vietnam
Shrapnel in the Heart
Nam Poet
Nam Tales
All About Vietnam ~An Annotated Bibliography of Books about Vietnam
The Vietnam Reader
Literature of the Vietnam War
Capsule Reviews of Books about the Vietnam War
Michael W. Rodriguez

Full Metal Jacket

The Full Metal Jacket Site
Jens J. Bauer's great looking site has plenty of pictures, sounds, interviews, and reviews, tributes to Stanley Kubrick, plus a Full Metal Jacket quiz.  Some content is in German.

The Full Metal Jacket Homepage
Ido's excellent multimedia page has pictures, sounds, profiles of all the main characters, and a Full Metal Jacket message board.

The Full Metal Jacket WAVs Page
This resource has over 40 different audio files from the film.  Warning:  this page is pretty big and can take awhile to load.

The Movie Sounds Page
This collection of various movie sounds has a nice selection of audio files from Full Metal Jacket, some of them pretty large.

Full Metal Jacket coursepack
Part of the English 42 Home Page, this site includes credits, background info, selected criticism, and essays.

R. Lee
The official website of actor R. Lee Ermey has a newsletter, photo gallery and a writer's workshop where you can read Ermey's screenplays or submit your own.

Movie Realm
The Full Metal Jacket section of this expansive movie page has facts about the filming, plus lots of sounds.
This page of movie tie-ins has a listing of several books related to the film.

The Full Metal Jacket Page
Steven W. Sthole's page offers his personal insights into how the film portrays Marine boot camp.  He also has a sampling of audio files, images and his favorite quotes.

History In Film
Brian's FMJ Page
Neil's FMJ Page
Lincoln's Vietnam War Movie Tribute Page
USMC Songs and Stories

Stanley Kubrick

The Kubrick Site
The Kubrick Site Mirror
Kubrick Multimedia Film Guide
Stanley Kubrick: The Master Filmmaker
The Films Of Stanley Kubrick
NY Times Kubrick Page
Kubrick: the man, the films, the genius
Tribute to Stanley Kubrick
The Just Guide to Kubrick
The Films Of Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick Scrapbook
Stanley Kubrick: 1928-1999
Kubrick Shining
Directors Page
Farzad Bakhtiar's Dr. Strangelove Page

Michael Herr

Gale's "Contemporary Authors"
Internet Movie Database
Apocalypse Now Tribute Page!
Barnes and Noble listing for Dispatches listing for Dispatches
Independent Reader Recommends Dispatches
Gadfly magazine -- "Who'll Play the Indians"
Michael Herr (b. 1940)
Michael Herr/Douglas Coupland

Dale Dye

Internet Movie Database
Warriors, Inc. Home Page
Rules of Engagement Forum
Dale Dye at
Interview from The American Legion Magazine: May 1999
Interview from
Saving Private Ryan Website:  About the Filmmakers
Dale Dye at Lordly & Dame, Inc.


American Authors on the Web
William Faulkner on the Web
The William Faulkner Society
The Jack Kirby Web Experience
The Cormac McCarthy Home Pages
The Ambrose Bierce Appreciation Society
The Comforts of Home: A repository of Flannery O'Connor information
The Flannery O'Connor Collection
Ernest M. Hemingway Home Page
Timeless Hemingway
Allen Ginsberg, American poet, 1926 - 1997
William Eastlake at
Alan Gullette
The Harlan Ellison Homepage
William S. Burroughs
The Roald Dahl Home Page
Jay's Alan Moore Web Page
Official Warren Ellis Homepage
The Bomb - Grant Morrison's Invisibles [barbelith]
The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
Official Website of Clive Barker
Michael Allred Fan Page

War Movies

The Land of Nam
History in Film
Lincoln's Vietnam War Movie Tribute Page
History, Legend and Myth: Hollywood and the Medal of Honor
Apocalypse Now Tribute Page!
IMDb:  Samuel Fuller
IMDb:  The Big Red One
IMDb:  84 Charlie Mopic
Oliver Stone : Our Greatest Film Director
Platoon - Movie Review and Sounds
MovieMania:  P L A T O O N
Saving Private Ryan Official Website
Blood on the Beach Saving Private Ryan
Alex Ioshpe's "Saving Private Ryan" Site
Steven Spielberg Fansite-Saving Private Ryan
Lancaster's Tribute To Saving Private Ryan
The Thin Red Line : Raging Bull's Unofficial Page
Das Boot
The Deer Hunter
Heaven and Earth - The life of Le Ly Hayslip
Catch-22: The Motion Picture

Film Resources

The Internet Movie Database
MovieMania's Frontdesk
Ain't It Cool News
Movie Review Query Engine
Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies
American Cinematographer Online
Movie Central
Movie Realm
The DAILY Script - Tons of Movie Scripts, Screenplays, and Transcripts Online
INFlow's Screenplay Repository
Screenwriters Utopia

Literary Resources

GaleNet Literary Databases
The Literature, Books & Authors Resource Page
literature online
Book Review Digest: Search
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
O'Conner's American Literature Online
WVC-Omak Web Site
The On-Line Books Page
Electronic Text Center
Locus Online
Internet Speculative Fiction Database
The Book Engine
booksonline - an electronic telegraph publication<
Hard Boiled Mysteries


Los Angeles Times
The New York Times
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune


Lopez Books
Books and Book Collecting
Advanced Book Exchange
The Cinestore: writers and filmmakers bookshop
Future Fantasy Bookstore
BookWire Homepage
AddALL book search and price comparison
The Internet Bookshop
Tavistock Bookstore
Books Done Rare
Alibris - Rare, Used, and Hard-to-Find Books
Pulp Fiction Central


Alabama Live - Alabama's Home on the Net
Alabama Authors
Tide Town
Alabama Crimson Tide Football - BamaOnline
Crimson Tide Online
Auburn Network On-Line
Inside The Auburn Tigers
Southern Literature and Culture
The Official Home of the Rick and Bubba Show
Mark Childress

The Military

The Crotch
Parris Island Homepage
Al Varelas' U.S. Marine Corps Site
USMC Hard Corps Domain
USMC Songs and Stories
e8mc's DI Page
Semper Fi, Marine Pride, Active and Retired Military
Amgrunt Home Page
The MOUT Homepage
USMC Combat Correspondents Association
Gunny G's Marine Postal WebSite
Arlington National Cemetery Website


Free Expression Clearinghouse - A Guide to Free Speech and the First Amendment
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
The National Coalition Against Censorship
People For the American Way
The Freedom Forum online
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Media Watch Group
Electronic Activist
ParaScope: Something Strange is Happening!
Refuse & Resist!
UNITE! Union Home Page
Amnesty International
International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Arvol Looking Horse
Dog Eat Dog Films
Rage Against The Machine
Official Public Enemy
Absolute Ani
The Straight Dope: Home Page
UWI's Web's Edge 3.0
>>> the nexus <<< [barbelith]
Evil Atheist Conspiracy Ezine
The Tattoo Spa





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