The Guy Who Wrote The Book

 Gus on the set of Full Metal Jacket, October 1985.

     I went out to the set where Stanley was supposed to be filming in a little place called Beckton, near Essex . . .
     I took a couple of friends along with me.  We dressed up in tiger-stripe clothes.  Our idea was that they'd be shooting and we'd simply blend in as though we were extras.  We went in, and this little go-fer took us over to the commissary tent while somebody checked out who I was.  We were having doughnuts and the go-fer asked:  "Who are you?  Why'd you come here?"  I said:  "Well, I'm the guy who wrote the book that this film is based upon."  His eyes lit up and he said:  "You're kidding!  You're the guy?  That's you?"  I said:  "Yeah, yeah, I wrote the book."  He said:  "Well, I want to shake your hand, because Dispatches is the best book I ever read."  "Hey, I think so too," I said.

--from "The Several Battles of Gustav Hasford," LA Times Magazine, 1987

Photos Gus took of the set.



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