Gustav Hasford's
Photo Album

Your Humble Narrator
In The Free State of Winston
The Cemetery
The Grave

I Think I'm Going To Hate This Movie
Is That You, John Wayne?  Is This Me?
How Many People Did You Kill In Vietnam?
There It Is
Combat Correspondent
The Jewel of Southest Asia
This Weird Brotherhood
I Secede From Your Viet Nam Death Trip
History Is Not Over Yet

22-Year-Old Twit Who Had Nowhere To Go
A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
Artistically Implausible Killings
A Gung-Ho Bunch
Kinship Didn't End After War
Comes and Goes, and Ends
Plain Fucking Crazy?
Daddy D.A.
Us Brothers
Back To The Land
The Guy Who Wrote The Book
The Joker
What Is Your Major Malfunction, Numbnuts?!
A Diamond Cutter of Men
Only Romance
Odd Chapter for Author
The Killing of Gus Hasford
Enjoying the Adventure
Hardcore Eccentric
Beyond Our Wire
So Writers Write

Hooch 13
A Good Gathering of the Brotherhood
The Legacy of Gustav Hasford
Mr. Snuffie Goes to Washington
Snuffies at The Wall
Snuffies 2002
Snuffies Online

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