Friends, family, fans and fellow snuffies remember Gus.


Gus The Chauffer
by Earl Gerheim
Fellow combat correspondent
AKA "Crazy Earl"

You Are Loved
by Donna Murray Hines
Friend and Fellow Alabama Native

Emails to
by Fans From Around the World
Just a sampling of the letters I've received regarding Gus

This Wasn't the World He Was Meant To Be In
by Michael Reaves
Friend and fellow author

The Black Crab
by John Hicks

excerpts from An Autobiographical Ramble
by Joe Haldeman
Fellow veteran and author
Award-winning sci fi writer

The Jim Morrison of Words
by Stephen Oleszek
Freelance Writer

excerpts from The Book of the Dead
by Tim Kreider
Freelance writer

The Reluctant, Wandering Hobo of The War
by Dale Dye
Fellow combat correspondent
Author, Hollywood technical adviser

The Goofy, Flower-Child in Green Fatigues
by Earl Gerheim
Fellow combat correspondent
AKA "Crazy Earl"

Taut, Macabre Poetry
by Scott Bradley
Freelance writer

"We don't do anything to keep from going crazy"
by Laura Dominick
Editor, L.A. Times

Gus Thought He Was the Phantom Blooper
by Mawk Arnold
Commanding officer
Major, USMC (Ret.)

My Mysterious Cousin
by Jason Aaron
Creator of this web page

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