Artistically Implausible Killings

    "I didn't much care for (The Short-Timers).  I thought it was pumped-up, macho-man, sort of true-life man's adventure-story stuff.  It could easily have been in the old Argosy magazine.  I didn't think it was real."

--Oliver Stone
Playboy, February 1988

    "Death is the subject of this Vietnam War novel.  It is 154 pages long, and on what feels like 150 of those pages there are bloody and artistically implausible killings administered by whatever means of
obliteration Gustav Hasford's obsessed imagination can contrive.  That, unfortunately, is all Hasford's
imagination can do."

--"Death becomes a bore"
THE NEW REPUBLIC, January 27, 1979

    "The book is 154 pages long, but it could easily substitute as a Sears catalogue of atrocities.  There are
simply too many targets of opportunity in the story to sustain the deeper messages Hasford wants to
    "Hasford's characters are nothing short of macho comic-book mannequins."

--"Death overkilled in Vietnam war"
LOS ANGELES TIMES, April 22, 1979

    "I hate you.  I want to tortue you.  I want to leave doctors puzzling for years over how I've done the things I want to do to you.  Your life as a bipedal vertebrate is over."

--Warren Ellis
Stormwatch, vol. 2, #4


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