combat correspondents of the 1st Marine Division on a picnic in early 1968 at Red Beach on Da Nang Bay
(back row, l to r)  Phil Hamer "of the Tennessee Walkin' Hamers", Rick Lavers,  Don Wilkinson, James "Biltmore Ogre" Glover, Capt. Charles Johnson, Bob Bowen, Hal "Clutch" Blake,  Larry LePage, Bob "The Greasegun Gunny" Caulkins, Steve "Stephanie" Wyatt.
(front, l to r) Dave Martinez, Gus Hasford, Eric "Rafterman" Grimm, Bob "Ding" Bayer, Jerry "Babysan" Goodall, Mike "the ARVN" Stokey, Jeff "T.H.E"Ault (with shades), Bill "Woodrow" Cheeley (in front of Ault), Dale "Daddy D.A." Dye (pointing), Larry "Mumbles" Saski, Earl "Crazy Earl" Gerheim and James E. Hardy.

   Gus is holding their pet dog Fang. Dale Dye and Bob Bayer bought him at a butcher shop while returning to Da Nang
from an operation.  He was a good dog but he didn't last long.  After a few months he was runover by an MP jeep.

Photo taken from L.A. Times Magazine, 1987

Hear Steve Bernston and Earl Gerheim discuss the above photo
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from the Viet Nam War Writers' Symposium

 (standing, l to r) Eric "Rafterman" Grimm, Gary Clark, Bob Bowen, Hal "Clutch" aka "the Breather" Blake, Bill "Woodrow" Cheeley, Bob "Ding" Bayer, Frank "Lurch" and "Screen Man" Wiley, Kerry Dale Hunter, Dick "Urinal Man" Licciardi, Tim Godfrey (in back drinking beer), Jerry "Babysan" Goodall, Art "The Bat" Kybat, James E. Hardy, Daven Morey.
(front row, l to r) Larry LePage, Gunnery Sergeant Chuck Allen, James "the Biltmore Ogre" Glover, Capt. Mawk "the Skipper" Arnold, Larry "Mumbles" Saski, Don Wilkinson, Bob "Emmett Pissmire" aka "Emmett Z. Fonebone" Rea.


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