A Good Gathering of the Brotherhood

Hanging out in Hooch 13 are (l-r) Steve Bernston, Gordon Fowler (seated),
Earl Gerheim, Michael J. Coates, Gil Reza, and Bob Bayer.

    RENO,  Nevada - Liquor store owners in this gambling mecca of the Sierras predicted a severe economic downturn when it was learned that D.A. Dye, retired Marine, Hollywood technical expert and camouflaged bon vivant, will not attend a reunion of former Marine combat correspondents in November.
    "We were counting on the increased revenue. Now, we'll probably have to lay off some employees. I'm selling my Jack Daniels stock right now," said Irving Bouz, owner of a liquor store in downtown Reno.
    Dye, whose expertise and acting skills have played a part in some 43 Hollywood war movies, reportedly is in London working on a World War II movie.
    "Great, the English pub owners are probably raking it in from his business,'' Bouz added.
    The rest of the former correspondents, a diverse group that covered the Marine Corps operations during Vietnam, are not expected to match Dye's consumptive talents when it comes to partying. It is known the group was banned from an establishment known as the Thunderbird Club near the First Marine Division's rear area in Da Nang in 1968. However, the group reportedly was welcomed in a part of Da Nang known as Dac Lop Street. It is unclear what sort of business enterprises were located on that street.

--Earl Gerheim

One of the Official Snuffie Attachments, David A. Willson

The Wit and Wisdom of Al Kramer

URGENT LOS ANGELES (AP)—Al Kramer has won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a bald, aging copy editor who falls asleep at his desk at a job he despises. ‘‘It was a stretch,’’ the handsome and vibrantly youthful-looking Kramer said.  (KRAMER A, 3/21/94 17:21)

What we ought to do is take enough time so we could work on our book: ‘‘The Great Beer Halls of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.’’ How about that?  (KRAMER A, 1/16/95 19:26)

ZURICH—Bob & AL Enterprizes AG says its new subsidiary, Veebomeister Vietnam, will build that country’s first ski resort, aimed at the tourist market.  It is rumored skiers will race down the mountain of shit left behind by U.S. forces.  (KRAMER A, 3/24/95 16:12)

Long, long years ago Iwakuni was the only base in Japan without dependents, that still being when "If the Corps wanted you to have a wife they would have issued you one."  The bars on the Iwakuni "strip" were really something.  Wall-to-wall pussy, or so the Marine flyboys said.  As usual, I spent my time at the Christian Servicemen’s Center.  It was strangely uncrowded.  (KRAMER A, 4/11/95 17:25)


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