Mr. Snuffie Goes to Washington

Headquarters Marine Corps Denies Knowledge
Nation's Capital on High Alert; Invasion of Snuffies Rumored

    The 1st Marine Division ISO Snuffies, along with spouses, stragglers, admirers, camp followers and wanna-bes will invade the nation's capital in November, highly-placed intelligence sources have confirmed.
    "If we had a little more intelligence 35 years ago, we wouldn't have been Snuffies and there would be no reason to have a reunion," according to one grizzled ISO veteran who asked to remain anonymous so Dale Dye would leave him alone.  "If we'd have had better intelligence, we wouldn't have let any of them in," a source at Headquarters Marine Corps said.
    Anyway, it's on.  The first Snuffie East Coast reunion.  Early returns from those on email indicate this could be a big turnout.  Now that we've taken away any excuses for the Easterners, let's hope so.
    A number of Snuffies have come in out of the field or out of the witness protection program since our 2000 reunion.  You will find many more names and contact info on the enclosed list, if I remember to enclose it.  There are a number of people I don't know and have never met, so I assume it includes some impostors.  Then again, a lot of people have always said that about me; I was lucky not to get run up on charges of impersonating a Marine.
    The dates are Nov 8-11 (Friday-Monday), so come for some or all of it.  It coincides with the 20th anniversary of The Wall, which is part of the reason we decided to go there instead of Reno or some other exotic locale.
--Bill Christofferson

The Tabard Inn, in Washington D.C.'s DuPont Circle area,
home to Hooch 13 on November 8-11, 2002.





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