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    Well, the full transcripts of last weekend's various Snuffie debates are now available online!  Apparently no one realized that I had hidden microphones planted throughout Hooch 13 in order to catch all of the action.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to devise an adequate written translation of Dale Dye's drunken cadence call, and this does greatly diminish from the accuracy of the transcript since the call appears roughly 53 times in a three hour period.
    Okay, so there aren't really any transcripts, but I just wanted to let everyone know what a pleasure it was for me to be invited along.  It was great seeing those of you I'd already met and also meeting some of you for the first time.  And it was a real honor to be with you all in DC for the anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial.

--Jason Aaron

Me and Bob Bayer.

Me and Dale Dye.

Snuffies 2003, at the Bayer home in LA.
Left to right, Rick Lavers, Jerry "Baby San" Goodall, Frank "Lurch" Wiley, Daddy DA Dye, and the host, Ding Dong Bayer.

    I'm extremely proud to note that two of the men pictured above, Rick Lavers and Frank Wiley,
were reunited with the Snuffies only after Rick came across this website.  Now that's cool.

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