The Jewel of Southeast Asia
Gus banging out a story at the Task Force X-Ray ISO in Phu Bai.
Photo taken by Earl "Crazy Earl" Gerheim.
     Sitting on my rack, I type out my story about Hill 327, the serviceman's oasis, about how all of us fine young American boys are assured our daily ration of pogey bait and about how those of us who are lucky enough to visit the rear areas get to see Mr. John Wayne karate-chop Victor Charlie to death in a Technicolor cartoon about some other Viet Nam.
    The article I actually write is a masterpiece.  It takes talent to convince people that war is a beautiful
experience.  Come one, come all to exotic Viet Nam, the jewel of Southeast Asia, meet interesting, stimulating people of an ancient culture...and kill them.  Be the first kid on your block to get a confirmed kill.
    I fall into my rack.  I try to sleep.
    The setting sun pours orange across the rice paddies beyond our wire.
 --from The Short-Timers
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