Winning Hearts and Minds
edited by Jan Barry, Basil T. Paquet and Larry Rottmann
1st Casualty Press, 1972


According to Lopez Books, this was "One of the early, important collections of poetry by Vietnam vets, published by a small press that was started by vets.  Later this title was picked up by a major New York publisher and reissued.  An important volume, which introduced such writers as W.D. Ehrhart, Michael Casey and Gustav Hasford, among others."

"I joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War while I was still in Vietnam.  About February, '68.
Also, I had a poem in Winning Hearts and Minds, published by the First Casualty Press, which was the
first anthology of writing about the war by the veterans themselves."

--Gus Hasford
LA Times Magazine, June 28, 1987

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