In The Free State of Winston

 Just a barn, somewhere in Winston County, 1999.
During the Civil War, the county tried to secede from the state of Alabama, hoping to remain neutral.

    My plane lands in Birmingham and I catch a Greyhound bus north a hundred miles to Russellville, the county seat of Winston County, the "Free State of Winston."
    I sit in the bus, an unreconstructured Viet Nam veteran, and I watch the familiar countryside of low rolling hills and red dirt farms and cotton fields that go all the way to the horizon.
    The South is a big Indian reservation populated by ex-Confederates who are bred like cattle to die in Yankee wars.  In Alabama there is no circus to run off to, so we join the Marines.

--The Phantom Blooper

Welcome to Haleyville, Alabama, birthplace of Gustav Hasford.

Bob Bayer in the Russellville Public Library, Russellville, Alabama, August 2001.


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