To Writer's Digest
From Russellville, Alabama


Dear Editor:
Thank God for Writer's Digest.   The writer is the loneliest person alive.  No one ever really understands the writer, even other writers.  Few people respect authors as they do statesmen, soldiers, etc.  When people ask what I do for a living, and I reply that I am a writer, they remark casually, "Oh really!  That's great. I always wanted to write.  Yes, that's wonderful.  when are you going to a get a job?"

Of course there are stories of how the "name" author finds a young writer with talent, takes him under his literary wing, and guides him to fame and publication.  There are no such literary giants in this neck of the woods.  Maybe one will turn up.  Until then I struggle on, with even a victory now and then.  Though I enter the jungle alone, at the mercy of publishers and farsighted critics with broken glasses, I am confident of great reward.  The writer's world is a challenge, and hard at times, but it attracts the finest people on this earth.  These are the people that really live, and the only people that are really alive.  Artists, writers, publishers, I love them all.

Jerry Gustav Hasford
Russellville, Ala.

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